May sketch a day 2019

This was my first time participating in the may sketch a day challenge run by Thomas Scholes. The aim of the challenge was to combat perfectionism, renew your instincts and finished the unfinished. 

I learned a lot and enjoyed seeing everyone else's work each day, it kept me motivated to make it to the end. 


May sketch a day 2019 - Week five

I made it! When I started this challenge, I honestly didn’t think I would make it, either client work or life gets in the way. But I did a painting a day, even if i started it at 11.30pm. I can thank a lovely art community to helping me push threw.

May sketch a day 2019 - Week three

Days 13 to 19

I had a few days when I was overly tired or not feeling well, but I pushed threw. I’m really glad I did because I’ve made some of my favourite pieces so far.

May sketch a day 2019 - Week two

Days 6 to 12
Spending less time on a piece, I found out it works out better. It made me realise over thinking my personal work at lead down the path of over working a piece.

May sketch a day 2019 - Week one

Days 1 to 5
First week done for may sketch a day, I’m still finding my feet with it. It’s hard to post a piece of work i’m not 100% happy with, but that can be the overly perfectionism effect I have developed over the years.

Inktober 2018

I used inktober this year to practice my characters, I had the theme of warriors.