Swordsfall Landscape Artwork and Designs

I have been working with Swordsfall to bring the world of Tikor to life. The past few months I’ve been working on the land know as Garuda. Garuda consist mainly of large grasslands and various forested areas. The people of the area venerate nature and have a relationship with the nature spirits around them.


To start I usually brainstorm and get out all the ideas I already have. This is to get everything I have one paper and leave room for new inspiration and ideas. I then do research via the web or books, unpluging from the digital world helps the ideas flow. Then I get back to drawing and design. If I ever get stuck, It’s because I need to do more research or mull things over in my head for a bit. The best ideas can come after a good walk.


After working out my ideas, I went back to the client and we choose to go with design two. Sometimes design sketches can take a few passes, but if you ask plenty of questions and the client has a clear vision it can go a lot faster. Next I jumped into 3D, I’ve been using 3D Coat lately but any 3D program can work. They all have their pro’s and con’s, use whatever works best for you.

After I’ve blocked out the main shapes in 3D, I render it out. You can get some really great camera angles that you would have never have thought of working with 3D sometimes. Then I take the finished render into photoshop and start painting. . . . and painting, and painting.